Did you get the May 7 Newsletter but couldn’t open the Sketchup attachment? Sorry about that! It’s here!
Thanks for your interest in the book Rocket Mass Heaters, by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson. A Rocket Mass Heater is a wood-burning stove that uses Rocket Stove technology (of specific materials and geometry) to burn wood very efficiently and clean, and to then store the heat it produces in thermally massive furniture–the bed or couch you sit or lie down on.

In the book, we teach you how to think about wood burning, materials and  geometry, so that you can build your own superefficient heater using your own skills and common sense, while spending very little money.

First published in 2004, this little manual has received a bit of attention, and has been in the hands of quite a few people. Ianto Evans is known for his seed-planting abilities (bringing us  “cob,” from Britain, the fava bean’s glorious simplicity, and rocket stoves, to name a few).

I’m Ianto’s co-author, Leslie Jackson, I self-published the book ten years ago,  and I’m super-stoked to bring you this website’s update, out of the cobwebs of it’s html beginnings in 2004. With the site, I hope to help you navigate the growing world of Rocket Mass Heaters. I’ll tell you about the book’s history, share details about the authors and some of the major players who live with these stoves and had a hand in the book. I’ll point you to some resources such as online forums and workshop instructors, help you decide if the stove is right for you, and steer you towards trustworthy sources of instructional videos, and other books. (Thanks to YouTube, there are some humdingers out there!)

Ten years after the publication of this book, the ‘Rocket Mass Heater’ has become a household term in the sustainability, homesteaders, and permaculture circles. Welcome to the party. Even if you don’t end up building and living with a Rocket Mass Heater in your home, the experiments you can learn from, and the community of DIY woodburners you’ll meet, will enlighten you to a form of energy long lost by us as modern folks. If nothing else, you’ll build better campfires!

Details: 120 pages, paperback and digital download available.  ISBN: 0966373847