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Rocket Mass Heaters: 3rd Ed.

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Rocket Mass Heaters


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Build Your Own Earth Oven
by Kiko Denzer with Hannah Field Paperback 132 pages
$12 + $5 shipping

Build Your Own Barrel Oven
by Eva and Max Edleson. Paper: 100 pages $18 + $5 shipping


Ianto Evans' concern, Cob Cottage Company teaches workshops, sells the cream-of-the-crop natural building books by mail-order, refers builders, publishes books like The Cobber's Companion and Rocket Stoves to Heat Cob Buildings, consults and designs, and much more.

Discussion Boards

Thanks to Kirk Mobert, this was the first of many forums on stove building, and one of our favorites places to talk things Rocket online. Drop on by with questions, answers, inventions, ideas, etc.

Ernie and Erica can be found holding court at the Permies dot com forum.

I'm stoked to be able to offer the wonderful masonry stove title Poêles à accumulation by Vital Bies and Marie Milési.
Filled with images and clear illustrations, one of the only French language books on masonry heaters. Covers the history and other kinds of mass stoves, the principles of heat transfer, wood heat, human comfort, efficiency art, and cratfsmanship. Explains operation and construction of a masonry stove for both the DIY builder as well as the customer. There's a section on Rocket Mass Heaters!

192 pages. Paperback. $40 + s/h. Published by Terre Vivant

Wood Burning Stove 2.0. 4-DVD Set. Paul Wheaton --of the popular forum produces this video starring Erica Wisner and Ernie Wisner with construction, their delightful fire-side teachings, a variety of stoves, construction of a RMH, and water heating.


Erica Wisner has recently released this little gem of a book, The Art of Fire. A perfect companion for any wood-burning device user, especially useful beside the hearth to delight--and instruct-- about fire. It's wonderful.
Two versions are available both for download: A print-friendly version, for $9 and a web format version for $8. Enjoy!

Other Stove Builders:

We have on hand a list of fellow pyros who have built these stoves and take great pleasure in thinking and talking about fire. They can perhaps answer some of your questions or come to your site to give advice. Some will charge a fee, some will not. Perhaps you would like a workshop at your site, or for your group or school, etc. Contact us for referrals.

Ernie Wisner and Erica Ritter Wisner are doing so much for the innovation, education, and implentation of this tech it's a wonder there are only two of them. Workshops, books, videos, stoveplans, entertaining educational presentations, and they moderate the forum at permies dot com.

Kiko Denzer's Website,  Kiko talks about fire as well as earthen materials in his oven books, so even if you aren't building an oven, there is useful instruction here. Art and craft. is the website of Max and Eva Edleson. Find out about their workshops, publications, read articles on masonry heating, cob building, etc.

Wood Burning Stoves 2.0
This 4-DVD set, featuring Ernie and Erica Wisner, includes their delightful Fire Science lecture, demonstrations of several types of Rocket Mass Heater and Rocket Stove. Produced by Paul Wheaton.

Wood-burning sites, education, information, discussion:

The Masonry Heaters Association. A clean well-lit place to find everything having to do with Masonry Stoves, including well-documented workshops, meetings, articles, discussions, galleries, brick ovens, books, other stove builders.

Home Heat.   An Archive of Stories and Experiences About People Building For Fire to Heat Home & Family, presented by Kiko Denzer and Max and Eva Edleson.

The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (REPP). Discussions about the uses of rocket stoves for cooking, mostly. Perfecting the efficiency and emissions zero-ness, testing, building, materials, more.
"A good place to learn how to burn wood better."

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